Update on Indy Eleven soccer Stadium Legislation being discussed today in the statehouse

Our state representative, Justin Moed, has been working hard to make sure that if the new soccer stadium gets built in our area that we have a voice and that it leaves a positive impact on our area.  Justin drafted and submitted Amendment #5 to HB 1273 that he offered on Monday to require the City and State to commit to make this bill about helping move our neighborhoods forward. On Tuesday the amendments he added to the bill were unanimously approved by the house.  The amendments include:

1. Commitment from the City to establish a neighborhood revitalization district in the Old South Side – In the district the city will committ to spend $10 million toward neighborhood stabilization or development purposes withing 20 years of the Stadium project moving forward.  Meaning they can bond against the committment and do it all at once or spend it over the course of the 20 year period.  The City said one of the programs they would like to establish is a homeowner repair grant program but they would also like to make streetscape and infrastructure investments as well.

2. The State will designate the GM Stamping Plant and the neighborhood attached to it as the White River Revitalization District where $5 million from the development that occurs at GM will be captured into a fund for neighborhood stabilization projects in the neighborhood known as The Valley.

The author of the bill has committed to Justin Moed that they will work together to try and keep these elements in the bill if it makes it through the Senate.

Rep. Ed DeLaney from the north side of Indy is going to offer a provision to the bill stating that the owner of the soccer team must back up 50% of the bond payments if the stadium project were to fail.  This amendment will go into the bill as well.

Justin believes his amendment and Rep. Ed DeLaney’s amendments will help ensure the bill has the votes it needs to get out of the House.  If they are able to preserve the neighborhood development components, this could be a nice boost to the South and Southwest side of downtown.

Today, Wednesday, the bill will be up for final vote in the House.  It would then head over to the Senate for debate, hearing and consideration.  Then it will likely end up in a conference committee to work out the differences between the versions passed by the House and Senate.

It will be wise for us to begin building a coalition of support for the revitalization districts so we can advocate for the bill as amended.

Meeting Reminder: Tomorrow Feb. 18th at 8:30 am at Sacred Heart Parish Hall

Please arrive at 8:00 am for networking. On the agenda will be:

1.      Discussion of Bikes, Trails, Paths and Transportation issues
2.      Discussion of raising membership dues and changing meeting times
3.      Discussion of Regional Center Plan update process
4.      Perhaps an update on Soccer Stadium Legislation

We look forward to seeing you tomorrow.  Thanks for your participation in the Stadium Village Business Association.

You still have an opportunity to comment on the air quality in our area

Thanks so much for those that took the time to come out tonight to the public hearing on the Metal Working Lubricants Air permit.  There were a lot of good comments made by those in attendance.  If you could not make it but still want to have your comments heard, you may submit written comments to Indiana Department of Environmental Management (IDEM) regarding this permit. The public notice period ends Feb. 23, 2015 and IDEM will accept written comments submitted up to and including this date. Comments may be submitted by FAX to (317) 232-6749, by e-mail to Julie Alexander at JuAlexan@idem.IN.gov or by mail to:

IDEM, Office of Air Quality

MC 61-53 IGCN 1003

100 N Senate Ave

Indianapolis, IN 46204


FINAL REMINDER!! Metal Working Lubricants Public Meeting and Hearing at Manual High School on Monday February 16, 6pm

One final reminder about the Metal Working Lubricants Air Permit Public Meeting and Public Hearing with the Indiana Department of Environmental Management.

Please click here for the news release details——> Marion County LEPC news release Feb 5 2015

This coming Monday, February 16th at 6pm there will be a public meeting with IDEM staff concerning the Air Permit for Metal Working Lubricants.
The meeting will be held at Manual High School, 2405 Madison Avenue starting at 6pm.

IDEM staff will be on hand to discuss this permit and what it entails from 6-7pm.

Then at 7pm. IDEM will host a public hearing. This will be your opportunity to give public comment to IDEM about the air quality in regard to this permit.

If this has impacted your quality of life, please come out and let your voice be heard.

IMPORTANT REMINDER: Help take action on the odor problem in the neighborhood

Please feel free to join the Old Southside Neighborhood Association at their monthly meeting on February 11th at 7pm at the Sacred Heart Parish Hall, 1125 S. Meridian.

Dr. Bill Beranek will be speaking concerning Metal Working Lubricants and the upcoming public hearing and how comments need to be framed.  This meeting will help prepare us for the public hearing that the Indiana Department of Environmental Management (IDEM) will be having on Feb. 16th in regards to the air permit for Metal Working Lubricants.
If you are unable to make this meeting,  you can attend the public hearing on Monday Feb. 16th, at 6pm at Manual High School.  There will be a general session prior to the actual hearing that will also focus on how to present for the hearing. IT IS VERY IMPORTANT THAT WE FILL THE PLACE WITH CONCERNED CITIZENS AND BUSINESS OWNERS ON FEB. 16TH!!!.  This odor has gone on way too long and it’s time for action to be taken to remedy this problem.  We look forward to seeing you then!  Thanks for your participation and your concern for the SVBA and the Old Southside neighborhood.

Election results for the SVBA for 2015

The following is the list of officers that will serve the Stadium Village Business Association for 2015:


Steve Alexander, Prince Alexander Architects

Vice President

Tracey Yates, Mile Square Coffee Roastery


Rebecca Hertzberg, JP Parker Flowers


John Bragg, John Bragg Photography, Inc.

Membership Director

Tom Dale,  Midwest Computer Accessories, Inc.

Development Committee Chairperson

Kevin Martin, UPS Store