LDL License Application for Super Bowl Parking

Yes, it is true that if you are not a commercial parking facility by day, you do not need a license to park cars according to the new Special Events Ordinance; HOWEVER, if you are planning on parking cars for the Super Bowl activities, you do need to file an LDL application with the City’s Department of Code Enforcement. Click here for the LDL License application and you will need to submit that along with a diagram of your parking lot. There is a fee assessed once your application is approved. It may be $85 or $100, I’m not sure. This application is due ASAP!

I’d like to thank Kevin Martin for taking the time today to go to the Code Enforcement office and share this important information with us. Please join me in welcoming him to our neighborhood as he is the proud new owner of 123 W. McCarty Street. He plans to attend our next Stadium Village meeting on January 18th.

Also, please mark your calendar for an important Neighborhood Outreach meeting with the Super Bowl Host Committee on Tuesday, January 10 at 3pm at Lucas Oil Stadium in Meeting Rooms 5-7. Please enter through the NE elevator lobby off of Capitol Ave. PARKING IS NOT AVAILABLE, so anyone that would like to park at A.G. Maas and walk over with Laura is welcome. She will be leaving at 2:40.


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