Update on proposed development

After presenting this development to the membership for a vote, it appears that there is not a 2/3 majority in favor of it.  There were several that approved of this development and there were others that were pretty opposed to the development.  As a result, the SVBA will take a neutral position on this development.  If you have a strong opinion either way I suggest you appear in person at the public hearing to express your opinion.  The hearing examiner will hear this request this Thursday, Jan. 10th at 1pm in the Public Assembly Room of the City County Building on the second floor.  Below is the list of commitments that the prospective owner has agreed to:

Landscaping shall be completed within six months of the grant of this variance and maintained at all times thereafter.  Landscaping in the clear sight triangle will meet the requirements of the city ordinance at all times.
The trash from the dumpster shall only be picked up by the refuse company between the hours of 7 am and 9 pm, Monday thru Saturday.
No alcohol sales shall be permitted on the property, as long as the property is owned by Mohammed Hanif.
No banners or temporary signs will be permitted on the premises
No junk, inoperable or wrecked vehicles will be stored on the subject real estate at any time.
No outdoor speakers will be permitted on the premises
No drug paraphenelia (including brillo pads, tubes, metal grinders, bath salts) shall be sold on the premises.
No sex toys or novelties shall be sold on the premises.  
Any new lights or replacement of existing lights will be of the shoe box design and directed towards the interior of the site and downward to eliminate light spillage off of the subject property onto neighbors property or adjacent streets.
No pay phones will be permitted on the property.
The design of the new building will provide for a pitched roof.
The knee wall will be as depicted on the site plan and will be constructed of masonry with a short fence on the top.
The current owner and any future owner will clean up litter twice daily from the entire lot.  Litter includes cigarette butts, gum wrappers, cups, cans , bottles.

Thanks for your involvement in the Stadium Village Business Association.



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