Let’s beautify the Stadium Village planters with flowers

Let’s Beautify Stadium Village for Summer 2014 with flowers in our concrete planters!

The amount of money necessary to fill each concrete planter exceeds the budget (after the cost of tree watering and mowing under the overpasses), so we need business owners with planters to invest in their curb appeal by purchasing and planting flowers and committing to water them every day. Watering your flowers is a great way to keep an eye on the front of your property and a nice way to start the day.
The most economical selection of plants are wave petunias and ornamental grass. If we all choose the same combination, it will help give our neighborhood the unified look we want so dearly.
For $35, you get four wave petunias in a combination of colors and one upright grass (for the center). You must act now, however, in order to get this special price. The deadline to order and pay is May 8th, this Thursday. After the 8th, we will be subject to retail prices and availability-which means instead of $35 for five plants, we may be looking at $100.
I will be happy to order and deliver your plants, you just need to place your order, provide
payment at the time of ordering, plant, care for, and water your plants.
Please call me, Paula, 812-617-1105 or email me at paula@jpparkerco.com
Thank you! Let’s Do This!


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