Resolving the odor issue south of downtown

To all those affected by the odor that has been present on the south side of downtown, it is time to take action. Our neighborhood liason, Lisa Laflin, has provided the following information about how to be involved in the process:

Click on the link below to take you to a document that details how to be involved in the public notice process.

Metalworking Lubricants FESOP draft 32513d

What we need for each of you to do is to request a public hearing. You can make that request to:

Julie Alexander
IDEM, Office of Air Quality
100 North Senate Avenue
MC 61-53 IGCN 1003
Indianapolis, IN 46204-2251

In your writing, you want to request a public hearing concerning Metal Working Lubricants Co. 097-32513-00139.

You can also comment via e-mail at If you comment via e-mail, please include your full U.S. mailing address so that you can be added to IDEM’s mailing list to receive notice of future action related to this permit.

Once that hearing has been set, Bill Beranek has offered to sit down with a group of us who plan to attend the hearing, and help work out a strategy for our public comments at that meeting.

Also, if you aren’t on Lisa Laflin’s email list then contact her to get on it so that she can keep you up-to-date on the process. Her email is


1 thought on “Resolving the odor issue south of downtown

  1. I just wrote Julie an email. That smell is unacceptable. I am a pro-business person, but I have my limits. I am all for companies making money, but these people are negatively impacting us, our land values, our customers, our business, our kids, our employees, and so on. They are not the only ones, but they negatively impact us with that smell! We do NOT need to be impacted by them and we are.

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