Voting Members

123 W. McCarty Street Property – Kevin Martin, Owner (through September 2013)

Aaron York’s Quality Air – Kris and Karen Conover (through July 2015)

A.G. Maas Company – Laura Sniadecki, President (through August 2014)

AJ’s Lounge

Brehob Corporation – Pat Smither, President (through July 2015)

Buckingham Companies/CityWay – Ashley Benner


Chef JJ’s Downtown – Chef JJ

Church Brothers Collision Repair, LLC– Dan and Rhonda Hall, Owners (through August 2014)

Citizens Thermal Energy – Bob Purdue, Director (through July 2013)

CityWay – Becca Manolov, Director of Community Relations (through August 2014)

CleanSuite Commercial Cleaning Services – Martin and Greta Cline (through April 2015)

Concord Neighborhood Center – Niki Girls, Executive Director (through October 2013)

Conner Fine Painting – Nathan Connor

Glaser & Ebbs – Robert Ebbs, Attorney (through June 2015)

Goldman Jewelry – Dennis & Rhonda Burton

Grace Baptist Church of God – Walt Willett, Pastor (through January 2014)

Greek Islands Restaurant – Angela and George Stergiopolous, Owners

Hardamon & Associates – Tom Quellhorst (through August 2014)

Healing Grace Christian Church – Joe Quintana, Pastor (through August 2013)

Indianapolis Downtown Inc. (through August 2014)

Indy Telcom Center – John Mahrdt

JB Construction – Jim Brightwell, Owner (through August 2013)

John Bragg Photography – John Bragg, Owner (through August 2014)

JP Parker Flowers – Pam Parker, Owner/Paula Shoultz, Designer (through August 2014)

Jobsite Supply – Brian Cooper, CFO (through August 2014)

Lauck & Veldhof Funeral & Cremation Service – Jeff Veldhof, Owner (through October 2013)

Less Than a Mile, LLC

Midwest Computer Accessories – Tom Dale

National Bank of Indianapolis

NOW Courier

N.K. Hurst Company – Rick Hurst

Olympic Village Development, LLC

Prince Alexander – Steve Alexander, Principal Architect and Owner (through August 2013)

Shapiro’s Delicatessen – Brian Shapiro

South Meridian Properties – Vince Shimp, Owner (through June 2015)

Susan Draheim DDS – Susan Draheim, Owner (through June 2015)

Tavern on South – Steve Geisler (through February 2014)

Teamsters Local 716 – Devonna Utterback, Administrative Assistant (through September

The Blockhouse Indy– Matt Overton

The Indiana Railroad Company – Jim Merritt, Vice President (through August 2014)

Ward & Ward Attorneys – Charles Ward, Partner (through June 2015)

Associate Members

NDZA, Inc. – David Kingen, Associate (through November 2014)

Last updated 07.15.14

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