How to Join

Membership Dues

The following memberships are available:

Business Membership:

  • 0-10 employees: $100
  • 11-25 employees: $150
  • 26-100 employees: $300
  • Over 100 employees: $600

Any business (or employee of that business) permanently residing or person(s) owning commercial property within the designated boundaries is eligible for a Business Membership in the Association. Business members have voting rights.

Non-Profit Membership: $ 50

Any organization located within the designated boundaries and registered with the State of Indiana as a non-profit entity is eligible for a Non-Profit Membership. Non-profit members have voting rights.

Associate Membership: $ 50

Those not meeting either of these criteria may join with the designation of Associate Member. Associate members do not have voting rights.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the Stadium Village Business Association, or renewing your membership, please download, print and complete the application form here  :  StadiumVillageMembershipForm

If interested in paying your dues by credit card and/or contributing to the beautification fund, you can do that here :


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